Minimalist Packaging

Trésor have been looking at packaging in response to a recent creative brief. We found these rather inspirational.

The coated paper bag by Jil Sander for the Fall 2012 menswear collection – with stitched seams on each side, two gold-coloured metal eyelets and a stamped logo at its base. It is a take on the brown paper lunch bag and it costs $290 and it is therefore an interesting juxtaposition of the throw-away and the keepsake. The bag is named ‘Vasari’, which, with its ‘long rectangular silhouette’ perhaps alludes to the the painter and architect Giorgio Vasari or the ‘Vasari Corridor’ connecting two Palazzos in Florence – the Palazzo Vecchio to the Palazzo Pitti.

The image below featuring Chanel packaging is from a Tim Walker shoot for the April 2012 issue of American Vogue shot with Kate Moss at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, just before it closed for refurbishement. The Chanel brand stands for understated elegance, the use of black and white, straight lines, and rectangular designs represent purity. When a customer opens up a Chanel box, they see the product right away so they can experience it immediately.

© Vogue

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