Creativity in Business

We, at Trésor, are always concerned about the well-being of businesses when we get a creative brief. At a recent talk, Sir John Hegarty gave some examples on how a company’s visual output is a great window into a business. Marketing and advertising needs to stay consistent, confident and communicate what the business is about.

His favourite example is to contrast Nike and Reebok. Nike came up with a brilliant slogan: ‘Just Do It’ in 1987 that was confident and stayed consistent even as the brand refreshed its advertising campaigns. Reebok changed its marketing slogan 14 times since 1987. Nike’s US market share grew to be twice the size of Reebok’s.

Another example he sites comes from the manufacturing industry, he’s disappointed how the manufacturing industry on occasions failed to capitalies on the creative force that was out there. He gives the example of Lord Stokes, sometime boss of Mini cars, who dismissed suggestions that the firm should build a hatchback because it would mean trouble with the trade unions and anyway Mini was selling enough cars as it was. Fast forward a generation and Mini is owned by the Germans who now make a hatchback.

Above is an advertising campaign that is a clear testament to his genius and one of his personal favourites. The client instantly liked the idea and the final ad ended up just as his agency (BBH) imagined it and it’s the commercial in his career that he wouldn’t change a thing about.

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